Rate your Existing Outsourced Reporting Service Provider.

Here’s a quick checklist to evaluate your existing outsourced reporting service provider, or if you don’t yet have one, use the checklist to evaluate those service providers who you may approach for proposals.

Does your service provider meet the following criteria?

•    Certified to the External Whistle-blowing Hotline Service Provider Standard EO1.1.1 of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.
•    Independent of your external or internal auditor, a legal firm or forensic investigators.
•    Operates the reporting service as their primary focused business or is it a side-line activity or loss-leader for forensic services.
•    Has an experienced and dedicated management team with many years of experience.
•    Offers direct access to and frequent contact by top-management.
•    Offers a number of packages to suit your specific requirements.
•    The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
•    The service is operated in most South African languages.
•    Has an effective technology solution including voice recording.
•    Reports can be made by using a unique 0800-FreeCall number, a unique e-mail address, via a website template, a Smart Phone App, via SMS (including a “Please Call Me” facility, via Skype, via fax and via Freepost.
•    Offers a web-based system of sending reports to you.
•    Offers you on-line and real-time access to statistics and activity on your service.
•    Has a user-friendly module to assist you in managing your reports.
•    Offers a free Wheelsline service to provide information on your fleet.
•    Offers free verifications to add value to the reports that you receive.
•    Offers free exit interviews to gather information from employees who have just left your organisation.
•    Presents a free train-the-trainer workshop including a CD containing comprehensive information for all attendees.
•    Provides a free digital awareness video to create awareness among your staff.
•    Has an extensive menu of awareness material to assist you in promoting your service.
•    Provides a free E-Handbook on how to manage your disclosure service.
•    Has the ability to manage a rewards programme should this be required.
•    Constantly innovates.

If your current service provider doesn’t score well on this checklist – contact Brian Adams now to arrange for a meeting or to receive a customised proposal to meet the specific needs of your organisation.